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July 28th, 2021|Categories: Other|

What’s better for destroying the Supernatural menace than a Superscience weapon? How about a Superscience weapon paired WITH a Supercience gadget!

Gadgets are the icing on the cake. The peaches in your cream. The bosons for your anti-bosons. In this case the cake and cream are actually Science weapons and anti-bosons are… well, they’re still anti-bosons.

While gadgets are not considered “offensive” during tactical sorties, they do tend to complement and improve your destructive capabilities. Take the Gravity Distorter for example. It’s your typical pocket-sized, grenade-deployable black hole. “Sure, that’s fine for crowd control,” I […]


July 21st, 2021|Categories: Other|


RESEARCH and DESTROY is set in a post-human era, where we’re way past the point of Supernatural creatures merely roaming the land, thirsty for blood and carnage; they’ve settled in, built communities, and only bother roaming if the neighbours start getting on their nerves. As for the blood and carnage: the Vampires and Werewolves are still kind of into it, but there isn’t much left to practice on, what with human beings being extinct and all. Sure there’s plenty of wildlife, but come on! They may be horrible Supernatural creatures, but they’re not MONSTERS.

Supernatural society is organized very loosely, with […]


July 14th, 2021|Categories: Other|

In RESEARCH and DESTROY you’ll have access to the complete breadth of humankind’s surviving super science know-how and the means to mold that knowledge into Supernatural-destroying apparatuses–or, to put it into layman’s terms, “totally brutal weapons.”

There are quite a few science machines you’ll be able to develop–providing you do the requisite research, of course! In addition to the base model for each weapon there’s a variety of modifications that alter or augment the utility of the device. Every weapon in RESEARCH and DESTROY has two modes, and these modes are often complementary and/or […]

Super Scientists Introductions

July 7th, 2021|Categories: Story & Setting|

In RESEARCH and DESTROY you play as a trio of Super Scientists named Larry, Gary and Marie. You’re free to rename them, but for now let’s go with these.

Larry, Gary and Marie were born in an underground bunker–the same one humanity fled to generations ago during the Supernatural apocalypse. Having learnt everything they could from their old science books, the trio emerge from their bunker and discover the RADvan–an experimental, possibly-sentient, slightly-deranged talking van who’ll be instrumental in the fight against the Supernaturals. Now, they’re hungry for knowledge with a craving for some intense field work.

The Supernaturals had better look […]

RESEARCH: Global Strategy

June 30th, 2021|Categories: Other|

In this post we’ll talk about RESEARCH and DESTROY’s campaign Strategy map. From the outset we wanted to create a non-linear campaign mode for RAD to keep repeat playthroughs fresh–and of course, like the Turn-Based Action missions, also be fully playable in co-op.

Making the campaign playable in simultaneous co-op was a huge design challenge. We also wanted to keep the gameplay theme of “direct control” consistent between the Strategy map and Turn-Based Action battles. You’re not moving pieces across the board–you ARE the pieces!

Or in this case, you’re a van. The RADvan acts […]

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