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Super Scientists Introductions

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In RESEARCH and DESTROY you play as a trio of Super Scientists named Larry, Gary and Marie. You’re free to rename them, but for now let’s go with these.

Larry, Gary and Marie were born in an underground bunker–the same one humanity fled to generations ago during the Supernatural apocalypse. Having learnt everything they could from their old science books, the trio emerge from their bunker and discover the RADvan–an experimental, possibly-sentient, slightly-deranged talking van who’ll be instrumental in the fight against the Supernaturals. Now, they’re hungry for knowledge with a craving for some intense field work.

The Supernaturals had better look out!

Our Super Scientists are regular homo sapiens in terms of their physicality. Larry and Marie both are roughly the same height, quick on their feet, wear stylish lab coats and glasses and are equally useful either out on the battlefield or in the lab.

Gary is the short hazmat scientist with some obvious differences Their stumpy legs means they run quite a bit slower, but they have more health to compensate. The hazmat suit provides several unique benefits, such as resistance to fire and the ability to walk through puddles of bubbling zombie blood without taking damage.  It doesn’t provide protection […]


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First, the good news: the human race managed to stop climate change, avoid nuclear Armageddon, and achieve world peace. The bad news: they wiped themselves out in the process. Omelets and eggs you know. They accomplished this feat in the most human way possible: by being lazy and arrogant. They stopped caring about any truth outside their own and let reason take the backseat to knee-jerk reactionism. This opened the door for the Supernatural, who swooped into this world, killed all the humans, and settled down to live happily ever after.

Or did they?… (Spoiler: they didn’t.)

RESEARCH and DESTROY takes place in a world where Supernatural creatures have crushed humanity. However, some people were smart enough to go (literally) underground during those dark times and teach their children the only thing that might restore humanity someday–science!

Generations later, a trio of Super Scientists emerge from the underground bunker with their RADvan. Having learnt everything they can from their old science books, they’re hungry for knowledge with a craving for some intense field work.

RESEARCH and DESTROY is set on a continent resembling Europe and Northern Africa, the traditional home of Vampires, Trolls, Werewolves, Mummies and […]

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