What’s better for destroying the Supernatural menace than a Superscience weapon? How about a Superscience weapon paired WITH a Supercience gadget!

Gadgets are the icing on the cake. The peaches in your cream. The bosons for your anti-bosons. In this case the cake and cream are actually Science weapons and anti-bosons are… well, they’re still anti-bosons.

While gadgets are not considered “offensive” during tactical sorties, they do tend to complement and improve your destructive capabilities. Take the Gravity Distorter for example. It’s your typical pocket-sized, grenade-deployable black hole. “Sure, that’s fine for crowd control,” I hear you think, “but what if you use it for gathering crowds into a tightly-confined singularity–and also for gathering PROJECTILES into a tightly-confined singularity?”

That’s right, you can use the gravitational pull to focus fire on a particular area, make snap shots more likely to connect and increase the accuracy of more wayward projectiles. Get creative! An expert can even use the Gravity Distorter for sling-shooting projectiles around corners with enough skill. Do be judicious with your Gravity Distorter though–it has a single round cool-down and its event horizon is equally welcoming of Scientists and Supernaturals.

Dev Comments: The Gravity Distorter gets you nicely out of a pinch if you have a troublesome troll about to pound you, but it’s equally as useful against mobs of zombies or ghosts. It takes some practice to master the Gravity Distorter’s projectile trajectory bending characteristics, but it is possible.




If the Gravity Distorter doesn’t excite you, then how about a pair of Rocket Boots? Since time immemorial humankind has yearned to fly. The Wright brothers did us all proud by inventing the aeroplane, but imagine the pride they would have felt had they invented the Rocket Boots!

Soar into the sky to avoid ground-based attackers. Take the high ground–did you know having a height advantage yields a damage bonus? It’s true! Enjoy discovering this and other tactical secrets within the Rocket Boots. Don’t tell anyone, but they can also be used in conjunction with regular jump pads to achieve even greater heights.

Dev Comments: Obviously a mobility enhancing gadget, Rocket Boots allow you to cover a lot more ground in a single turn than normal. Your choice of modifications let you expand this even further… Or you can a more gung-ho route with an air-brake blast that really shows the Supernaturals which side has air superiority.





For the Scientist who likes living life on the edge there’s the undeniable thrill of the Uncertainty Helmet. What is that, you ask? “Who is that?” is a more appropriate question.. The Uncertainty Helmet is what Schrödinger’s cat would make if it were a Scientist stuck in a lab instead of a cat in a box with radioactive isotopes and poison.

With the Uncertainty Helmet you can create an uncertain copy of the operator at a location of your choice (within reasonable range). The more you use either the copy or the original, the more likely it is for one to be real. (Maximum 75% chance of reality.) If either of them take damage the wave function collapses and only the REAL Scientist remains, whichever of them THAT turns out to be. However, until that point they both exist as valid entities, capable of raining down destruction on the Supernatural horde, completing objectives, or just acting as risky decoys. Confused? Imagine how the Supernatural must feel having to deal with such an unnatural situation. Don’t be fooled though–both versions of the Scientist share the same time pool.

Dev Comments:  The helmet is extremely versatile and powerful though tinged with a slight risk of random failure. Since you can create a copy of yourself at range, you can instantly position yourself to complete an objective, help one of your downed Scientists, or snipe from an otherwise unreachable vantage point. However, if you take damage there’s a risk of being sent back to where you started or being stuck in the middle of a horde of enemies. Try it with weapons that have a low rate of fire (like the Higgs Boson Field Generator) or a limited number of deployments (Test Tube Launcher’s bubble shields, Plasma Thrower’s hot/cold traps, Hypercube mines, etc) so you can copy yourself before firing and have double the fun.