What’s the point of building all of those lovely, shiny, productive Universities in conquered newly-liberated territories if you meekly retreat at the first sight of an invading Supernatural? Sometimes the best form of offense is a good defense–Universities are the backbone of your efforts to reclaim earth and sometimes they need defending.

University defense missions play out just as you’d expect. One moment you’re kicking back, sipping margaritas and reading back issues of “Superconductor Monthly,” and the next minute there’s waves upon waves of Supernatural hordes trying to overwhelm the campus.

All you can do is strap up, fight and buy time while you charge up The Countermeasure. The Countermeasure is the name of the complex, dangerous last-line-of-defense system to repel Supernaturals and keep your campus grounds in friendly hands. In a time-limited Defense mission, you either have to manually charge The Countermeasure or defend your central library while The Countermeasure automatically charges.

All the usual Supernatural villains can make an appearance, depending on the strength of the invading force. As usual, time management is key, especially now that you have a deadline. You might prefer to spend time avoiding or duping an invading Troll rather than tackling it head-on, but to achieve your goals you’ll need to get your hands dirty with a little toe-to-toe, so be ready to put your best scientific foot forward.

To make things a little easier for yourself, you can preemptively upgrade your Universities with defense systems. Firstly you can line the perimeter of your campus with a shocking Electro Barrier. It ought to give those Supernaturals pause for thought as the waft of singed hair fills the air. Those that make it through the barrier should tread lightly lest they find themselves in an array of proximity mines. These mines pack a punch, sending friend and foe alike skywards and aflame. Finally, Healing Stations automatically replenish the health of nearby Scientists, no strings attached. Each apparatus is upgradable with useful benefits, so get researching!

Dev Tip! Take note of your objectives and really hone in on them because getting sidetracked will often result in failure. Pick your fights, learn what to ignore and keep moving. On the topic of moving, use jump pads to get around as quickly as possible. Oh, and pay attention to the Klaxon towers–they hint at where the next Supernatural reinforcements will come from.