In RESEARCH and DESTROY you’ll have access to the complete breadth of humankind’s surviving super science know-how and the means to mold that knowledge into Supernatural-destroying apparatuses–or, to put it into layman’s terms, “totally brutal weapons.”

There are quite a few science machines you’ll be able to develop–providing you do the requisite research, of course! In addition to the base model for each weapon there’s a variety of modifications that alter or augment the utility of the device. Every weapon in RESEARCH and DESTROY has two modes, and these modes are often complementary and/or utilitarian. Let’s take a look at some of the available hardware.

The Laserizer is the apparatus of choice for the Scientist who likes their device more straightforward;  point-and-shoot, and modeled after the pew-pews from the Before Times. It excites photons, somehow breaks the laws of physics, and gives these photons mass. Et voila! A light bullet for the face of every Zombie, Werewolf and Troll cursing our once-beautiful planet.

The primary mode for the Laserizer, called Max Frequency, is a simple affair. Pull the trigger and spray light bullets everywhere. Go wild, all weapons in RESEARCH and DESTROY have unlimited ammo! The alternate mode is called Max Amplitude; it has a slow rate of fire and its devastating discharge can penetrate through multiple objects. The versatility and destructiveness of this apparatus qualifies it as a mainstay for all rampaging science teams.

Dev Comments: The Laserizer is the closest weapon in our game to a “traditional” weapon, it’s like a sniper rifle and a machine gun rolled into one. Its upgrades are also quite “traditional,” so Players who want something familiar to compliment the more unusual weapons will enjoy including the Laserizer in their loadouts.




The Riftinator is an example of weaponry from the new school of scientific warfare. Rather than just pure destruction, the Riftinator is a thoughtfully-designed apparatus incorporating elements of mobility enhancement, crowd control, blunt-force trauma and soda-based health replenishment. That’s a lot to digest so here’s the CliffsNotes. The Riftinator shoots a projectile called a Gordon. The Gordon creates a wormhole with an incoming or outgoing direction. We don’t know why (science is often like that), but in Summoner mode objects tend to tumble through these wormholes into our dimension. Some of these objects have exotic or explosive properties. Via careful placement these tumbling objects can be used to batter unlucky targets.

Alternatively, in Unsummoner mode, targets (including the operator) can use the wormholes to skip through spacetime and travel a short distance instantaneously. You can keep your immediate vicinity free of Supernaturals or free-up some of the legwork required for your squad by teleporting them from place to place. There’s a lot to learn about the Riftinator and even more to love.

Dev Comments: The Riftinator is a very handy weapon in the right hands. If you play your squad tight, it’s great for moving out of troublesome situations as well as crowd control. Its randomly-generated refreshments can keep your health topped up if you’re lucky. In the wrong hands it’s a recipe for hilarious disaster. Just remember to target the body and you’ll be good.




Finally to the Quantum Modifier, an apparatus leveraging the super-positional phenomenon of spooky entanglement. With two complimentary modes, Steal and Heal, this apparatus can locate, separate and store entangled atoms to then splice into a new “host”. To the layman, you could liken this to stealing “health” from one thing and giving it to another thing (although the science is far more complicated and cumbersome than that).

Your squad medic is equipped to break the Hippocratic Oath at the flip of a switch. Like all devices in RESEARCH and DESTROY, the Quantum Modifier is a cold and dispassionate machine, capable of hurting or healing friends just as easily as foes. But when used thoughtfully you can strategically redistribute squad health after carefully stealing Supernatural quanta.

Dev Comments: Visually inspired by the iconic Proton Pack, the Quantum Modifier was one of the first weapons created for Research and Destroy. Most weapons in the game were designed to fill broad squad roles–tank, medic, support, crowd control, often a mix of one or more. The Quantum Modifier is a dependable (if slightly dangerous) weapon for frontline Scientists who don’t stray too far from squadmates. It’s high utility only increases with optional modifications, including one that returns a portion of deployed health to the operator.